A-23, r. 11 - Regulation respecting standards of practice for staking and layout

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8. A land surveyor who discovers that the location of the bench-marks would likely create a problem of ownership for the client or the client’s neighbour shall first inquire of the person for whom the problem of ownership would arise so as to validate the signs of occupation observed.
If the inquiry confirms that placing bench-marks would create an ownership problem, the land surveyor shall stop the staking operations and prepare a plan and a written report for the client or mandatary. The plan and report shall contain all explanations necessary for adequate understanding of the situation, as well as the land surveyor’s recommendations. The land surveyor is then considered to have completed staking and the report stands in lieu of a certificate.
If the land surveyor’s inquiry proves that placing bench-marks would not create an ownership problem, the land surveyor shall complete the staking by placing bench-marks and by preparing the staking certificate, which must include all significant elements and the conclusions of the inquiry.
O.C. 1057-2002, s. 8.