A-23, r. 10 - Regulation respecting standards of practice for location certificates

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13. The plan shall include the following:
(1)  the graphic representation and the designation of the property;
(2)  the metes and bounds;
(3)  the dimensions and area of the property;
(4)  the dimensions of the structures, buildings and dependencies and the marks of occupation relative to the boundaries of the property;
(5)  the distance between the boundaries of the property, on the one hand, and the buildings, dependencies and structures, on the other hand, including sheds and swimming pools, with an indication that the measurements were taken from the foundations or the exterior facing;
(6)  where possible, an illustration of the elements referred to in subparagraphs 7 to 22 of section 9;
(7)  an approximate indication of true north by means of an arrow;
(8)  the scale of the plan; and
(9)  the date of the survey.
The plan shall also indicate the place and date of closing of the minute. (See ss. 9 and 10.)
O.C. 1058-2002, s. 13.