A-21.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting accreditation of private archival agencies

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7. During the period of accreditation, the holder of accreditation shall:
(1)  continue to belong to the same class of persons or bodies defined in section 1;
(2)  continue to fulfil any conditions fixed by the Minister at the time of accreditation;
(3)  post up in public view in the agency the certificate of accreditation;
(4)  post up in public view the times when the agency is open and keep it open during those times;
(5)  forward to the Minister, 12 months after the date of the issue of the certificate of accreditation and at its expiry, an annual report on the activities of the agency and an updating of the information forwarded under section 2.
O.C. 424-90, s. 7.