A-21, r. 5.1 - Code of ethics of architects

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59. In addition to the acts referred to in sections 57, 58, 58.1, 59.1 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26) and those that may be determined pursuant to the second paragraph of section 152 of the Code, the following acts are derogatory to the profession of architect:
(1)  to certify the progress or compliance of the work to the plans and specifications or to the Construction Code (chapter B-1.1, r. 2) without having performed the necessary monitoring personally or through the architect’s personnel or another architect;
(2)  to participate or contribute to the illegal practice of the profession of architect;
(3)  to announce or designate, or allow to be announced or designated, as architect a person who is not a member of the Order;
(4)  to exercise the profession within a partnership or joint-stock company holding itself out to be or giving the impression that it is a partnership or joint-stock company within the meaning of Chapter VI.3 of the Professional Code if the partnership or joint-stock company does not comply with the requirements of the Code or of a regulation made pursuant to the Code;
(5)  to enter into an agreement or permit an agreement to be entered into within a partnership or joint-stock company in which the architect practises, including a unanimous agreement between shareholders, that operates to impair the independence, objectivity and integrity required for the practice of the profession or compliance with the Professional Code, the Architects Act (chapter A-21) and the regulations made thereunder;
(6)  when practising the profession within a partnership or joint-stock company, failing to take reasonable measures to put an end to, or prevent the repeated performance of, an act derogatory to the dignity of the profession performed by another architect also practising within the partnership or joint-stock company, and that was brought to the architect’s attention more than 30 days earlier;
(7)  communicating with the complainant without the prior written permission of the syndic or the assistant syndic when the architect is informed by the syndic or assistant syndic that an investigation into his or her professional conduct or competence will be held or when the architect has been served a complaint against him or her;
(8)  offering professional services to a third person towards whom the architect’s employer has contractual obligations.
O.C. 901-2011, s. 59.