A-21, r. 5.1 - Code of ethics of architects

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30. Architects must, for documents they prepare,
(1)  sign the following documents: riders and change directives, payment certificates, substantial completion certificates and completion certificates;
(2)  sign and affix their seal to the following documents:
(a)  plans and specifications for the execution given to the client or a municipality in support of a permit application and to any authority concerned;
(b)  documents issued for the purposes of the contract between the client and the contractor, and documents related to the management of the contract, such as plans and specifications issued for construction and used for performing on-site work, and addenda;
(c)  certificates of progress or compliance of the work to the plans and specifications or the Construction Code (chapter B-1.1, r. 2), and any other certificate they issue; and
(d)  expert reports.
O.C. 901-2011, s. 30.