A-21, r. 5 - Code of ethics of architects

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3.05.08. An architect shall make any agreement for his professional services related to his exclusive area of practice directly with the owner.
An architect may make an agreement for his professional services directly with:
(a)  any person for whom he prepares plans or specifications for buildings or structures intended for the use of that person or owned by him;
(b)  any architect, partnership of architects or legal person controlled by architects;
(c)  any person offering a building or structure under the terms of a turnkey agreement, offering elements of buildings or structures or offering systems for the construction of buildings or structures;
(d)  any person furnishing services for carrying out construction where no human activities are carried on, in particular, constructions that are accessory to engineering works and those intended to shelter such works;
(e)  any person using an architect’s skills for services other than those related to his exclusive area of practice.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. A-21, r. 3, s. 3.05.08; O.C. 820-91, s. 1.