A-21, r. 11 - Regulation respecting equivalence standards for a permit to be issued by the Ordre des architectes du Québec

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2.01. A candidate who wishes to have an equivalence recognized must furnish to the secretary those among the following documents which are necessary to support his application, accompanied by the fees required by the Order in accordance with the Règlement sur les affaires du Conseil d’administration et les assemblées générales de l’Ordre des architectes du Québec (chapter A-21, r.1):
(a)  his academic record including the description of the courses taken;
(b)  proof of the obtainment of his diploma;
(c)  an attestation that he participated in a professional training period;
(d)  an attestation of his pertinent work experience;
(e)  or, as the case may be, the certificate issued by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. A-21, r. 7, s. 2.01; O.C. 825-92, s. 1.