A-20.2, r. 1 - Commercial Aquaculture Regulation

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10. A licence holder applying to the Minister for authorization to transfer the licence must apply in writing and submit
(1)  a declaration from the transferee containing
(a)  the information required by section 3;
(b)  the project summary referred to in section 5 that demonstrates the absence of any material modification of the activities, equipment and facilities proposed at the time the licence was issued; and
(c)  the fees payable under Chapter II;
(2)  a copy of any document attesting to or promising transfer of the ownership of the undertaking, conditional on the transfer of the licence; and
(3)  a report on the licence holder’s activities since the end of the period covered by the last annual report, containing the information in section 26.
O.C. 607-2008, s. 10.