A-19.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting building permit information

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1. A municipal officer responsible for the issue of building permits required under a by-law adopted under paragraph 1 of section 119 of the Act respecting land use planning and development (chapter A-19.1) shall send to the Secretary of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec the following information:
(1)  the name of the municipality and its geographic code as they appear in the annual Répertoire des municipalités du Québec published by Les Publications du Québec;
(2)  the building permit number and the date of application;
(3)  the name, address, telephone number and, where applicable, the fax number of the owner or main contractor, of the person carrying out the work and, where applicable, of the project manager, the business number of the partnership or legal person established in accordance with the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises (chapter P-44.1) and the number of the contractor’s or owner-builder’s licence issued in accordance with the Building Act (chapter B-1.1) and the name and telephone number of the main designer of the plans;
(4)  an indication that the person carrying out the work is either the owner of the building covered by the building permit or a contractor;
(5)  the work location;
(6)  the nature of the work, whether it consists in the construction, alteration, enlargement of a building, or the addition of a new building;
(7)  the estimated value of the work;
(8)  the dates planned for the beginning and end of the work;
(9)  the number of stories and the floor area of the building; and
(10)  the classification of the building in accordance with Schedule I.
O.C. 149-2002, s. 1.