A-18.1, r. 9 - Regulation respecting the Forest Management Funding Program

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5. A loan may be granted only for
(1)  the establishment, maintenance or development by a forest producer of a forest production unit under forest management covering a total of at least 60 ha;
(2)  the purchase by a forest producer composed of not more than 4 natural persons of machinery or equipment to be used exclusively for a forest management activity in the producer’s forest production unit or in the forest production units belonging to those natural persons; and
(3)  the acquisition or redemption of an interest in a forest producer, and the acquisition or redemption of any share in the forest producer.
The following are excluded from the Program:
(1)  activities for which financial assistance may be provided under the Program for farm financing (Decision 46, 01-09-14);
(2)  activities related to forest seedling production and to the acquisition of assets for the processing of timber into firewood for commercial purposes;
(3)  the purchase of machinery or equipment to be used for the processing of timber; and
(4)  the holders of a wood processing plant operating permit that authorizes annual timber consumption of rough timber for peeling, sawing or pulp and paper production in excess of 2,000 m3.
O.C. 257-2006, s. 5.