A-18.1, r. 7 - Regulation respecting standards of forest management for forests in the domain of the State

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60. In an ecological or nature interpretation centre and in a concentrated trail network, no person may use a hiking trail for hauling or trucking purposes.
The size, in such centres or network, of a management permit holder’s single-block area of cutting with regeneration and soil protection, of the total area of the cut and residual strips in an area of strip cutting with regeneration and soil protection or of a block cutting harvest area may not exceed 10 ha. In all cases, the holder of the management permit must preserve a buffer strip at least 30 m wide on both sides of the hiking trails.
When carrying out forest management activities therein, the permit holder shall preserve the natural setting around the equipment and infrastructures already in place and remove any trees or parts of trees that fall on a hiking trail while such activities are being carried out, thereby preserving the destination of those territorial units.
O.C. 498-96, s. 60; O.C. 439-2003, s. 4.