A-18.1, r. 5.1 - Regulation respecting the scaling of timber harvested in forests in the domain of the State

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8. Scaled timber may not be transported outside the cutting area unless the driver of the road vehicle in which the timber was loaded is in possession of a transport voucher on which the following information appears:
(1)  the GPS coordinates of the timber loading point into the driver’s vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer;
(2)  the source and destination of the timber;
(3)  the date and time of departure from the timber loading point;
(4)  the registration number of the vehicle and, where applicable, the trailer or semi-trailer;
(5)  the compilation unit number under which the timber was scaled, as indicated on the authorization of the scaling method;
(6)  the name of the person in charge of loading the timber;
(7)  the name of the driver of the vehicle.
O.C. 724-2013, s. 8.