A-14, r. 5.1.1 - Agreement dated 4 December 2020 between the Minister of Justice and the Barreau du Québec respecting the tariff of fees and expenses of advocates under the legal aid plan and the dispute settlement procedure

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167.1. For mandates assigned as of 28 July 2021, an advocate who renders services in a region or locality served on an itinerant basis in the judicial district of Abitibi or Mingan receives, in addition to the fee increase in accordance with section 13, an amount of $25 for each case the advocate sees through.
That measure ends on 30 September 2022 or on any earlier date, on the decision of the Minister of Justice. In the latter case, the measure ends on the 30th day after the Minister sends a written notice to the Barreau du Québec and the Commission des services juridiques.
Decision 2021-07-15, s. 8.