A-13.3, r. 1 - Regulation respecting financial assistance for education expenses

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24. The allowable expenses are allocated for the months in the year of allocation during which the student
(1)  is deemed to be enrolled within the meaning of section 27;
(2)  is pursuing full-time studies;
(3)  interrupts his or her full-time studies for a period not exceeding 4 months; or
(4)  is pursuing studies other than on a full-time basis after ceasing to be a full-time student.
However, no expense is allocated for the first of a series of months during which the student is pursuing full-time studies if the student begins to pursue such studies only as of the 16th day of that month.
In addition, in the case referred to in subparagraph 4 of the first paragraph, the allowable expenses are allocated to the student only for a maximum of 4 months.
O.C. 344-2004, s. 24.