A-13.1.1, r. 1 - Individual and Family Assistance Regulation

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177.96. For the purpose of calculating the basic income, the following property is excluded:
(1)  the total value of movables, except automobiles, and household effects;
(2)  books, instruments and tools necessary for gainful employment or for a trade or craft;
(3)  the value of pension credits accumulated through membership in a pension plan other than the plan established by the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan (chapter R-9) or in a similar plan within the meaning of that Act, and the sums accrued with interest as a result of the adult’s participation in another retirement savings instrument that, under the plan, the savings instrument or the law, cannot be returned to the adult before retirement age;
(4)  equipment adapted to the needs of an adult who has functional limitations, including a retrofit vehicle not used for commercial purposes;
(5)  sums accumulated in a registered disability savings plan, including sums paid into the plan in the form of Canada Disability Savings Bonds and Canada Disability Savings Grants, for the benefit of an adult, the adult’s spouse or a dependent child who may not dispose of them in the short term, according to the terms and conditions applicable to the plan;
(6)  sums received as compensation for essential movable property under a financial assistance or compensation program established under the Civil Protection Act (chapter S-2.3), if the sums are used within 90 days of their receipt;
(7)  sums received otherwise than as extra temporary housing, food and clothing costs or as compensation for essential movable property under a program referred to in paragraph 6, if the sums are used within 2 years of their receipt for the purposes for which they are received.
O.C. 1140-2022, s. 45.