A-13.1.1, r. 1 - Individual and Family Assistance Regulation

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177.83. A person admitted to the program must, not later than 31 October of each year, send to the Minister his or her income tax return for the preceding year filed pursuant to the Taxation Act (chapter I-3) and, if applicable, his or her spouse’s income tax return.
A person who did not file an income tax return must, within the same time limit and in the form and manner determined by the Minister, send a sworn statement of his or her income for the preceding calendar year. The person must include with it, if applicable, a sworn statement of income produced by his or her spouse if the latter did not file an income tax return.
Where it is impossible for a person admitted to the program to send the income tax return or sworn statement of income of his or her spouse because of violence on the spouse’s part against the person or a dependent child, the person may submit a sworn statement of the spouse’s income.
O.C. 1140-2022, s. 45.