A-13.1.1, r. 1 - Individual and Family Assistance Regulation

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177.76. Where the basic benefit granted to an adult may be increased by special benefits pursuant to the third paragraph of section 177.60, it may be increased by all such special benefits to which the adult or any of his or her dependent children would have been entitled under the Social Solidarity Program, except
(1)  the special benefit provided for in section 107; and
(2)  the special benefit provided for in paragraph 2 of section 100, if the adult has a spouse.
In addition, the special benefits provided for in the second paragraph of section 81 and in section 82 may be granted to an adult who has a spouse.
Subdivision 4 of Division II of Chapter III of Title IV applies to the granting of a special benefit.
O.C. 1140-2022, s. 45.