A-13.1.1, r. 1 - Individual and Family Assistance Regulation

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177.21. Participation the duration of which has been increased pursuant to the first paragraph of section 83.4 of the Act ends upon request by the participant who has accumulated at least 12 months of participation if
(1)  the participant proves that he or she is no longer able to fulfil the commitments set out in the participant’s labour market entry plan; and
(2)  no modification is likely to be made to the plan, pursuant to the fifth paragraph of section 83.2 of the Act, in order to allow the participant to continue participation in the program.
Participating ends, on the same conditions, upon request by the participant who is in any of the situations referred to in section 177.11, except if the participant reaches the age set in section 63 during participation.
Despite the second paragraph, participation ends at any time without condition upon request by a participant who has reached 20 weeks of pregnancy.
O.C. 1085-2017, s. 24.