A-13.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting assistance for tourist development

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7. The following points are to be considered in selecting or assessing the relevance of tourist projects:
(1)  touristic: the nature of the project, the operating seasons, the harmonisation of the touristic product and the Government’s priorities in touristic development;
(2)  economic: the market prospects, the leverage of the project and the ability of customers to afford the services;
(3)  administrative: the competence and experience of managers, their marketing policy, making the best use of the existing infrastructures or services;
(4)  geographical: the accessibility of the project to users, the interest of the site and the proximity of other touristic activities;
(5)  cultural: the historic interest of the site, the harmonisation of the architecture with the environment and the decoration of the proposed building.
O.C. 1791-83, s. 7.