A-10, r. 1 - Regulation respecting travel agents

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14.1. Any form of advertising by a travel agent that mentions, for a specific trip, a cost that does not include all amounts to be paid for the services advertised must specify the total cost of those services and indicate that total cost more prominently.
Where the advertising is written, the typographical characters used to indicate the total cost must be at least twice as large as those used to indicate any other cost.
For the purposes of this section, the total cost of the services may or may not include the Québec sales tax, the goods and services tax of Canada or the amount payable as a contribution to the Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages.
The advertising must indicate whether or not those taxes and that amount are included. If they are not included, the advertising must state the fund contribution rate in dollars. In written advertising, those particulars must appear in Helvetica typeface of at least 10 points.
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