S-13.1, r. 7 - By-law respecting video lottery system

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Updated to 1 August 2023
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chapter S-13.1, r. 7
By-law respecting video lottery system
Act respecting the Société des loteries du Québec
(chapter S-13.1, s. 13).
1. A lottery scheme by the name of “Video Lottery System” is hereby established.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 1.
2. The games offered by this system are computerized video lottery games played on video lottery machines as defined by subparagraph a.1 of first paragraph of section 1 of the Act respecting lotteries, publicity contests, and amusement machines (chapter L-6), excepting video lottery machines used in a State casino.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 2.
3. The Video Lottery System is comprised of different type of games such as card games, one armed bandit games, Keno and Bingo.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 3.
4. The player who plays on a video lottery machine, upon payment of an amount in Canadian money and according to the games result, can win a credit which he can choose to play as a free game or which he can present for payment by means of a redemption coupon issued by the machine.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 4; O.C. 771-97, s. 1.
5. The result of a video lottery game must rest on randomness even when the player can make choices.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 5.
6. A wager cannot exceed $2.50 and the prize offered by a video lottery game cannot exceed $1,000.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 6.
7. The cost of a credit is no more than $0.25.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 7.
8. Before a game begins, the player must have access to the following information on the video screen:
(1)  the name of the game;
(2)  the cost of a credit;
(3)  the prizes that may be won;
(4)  the method of awarding the prizes that may be won.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 8.
9. The following information must be indicated on all redemption coupons:
(1)  the name of the lottery scheme;
(2)  data allowing the identification of the licence holder;
(3)  the serial number of the machine which issued the redemption coupon;
(4)  the date and time of printing of the redemption coupon;
(5)  the dollar value in Canadian funds of the redeemable credits;
(6)  a control number.
In this By-law, “licence holder” means the holder of a site operator’s licence contemplated in section 24 of the Rules concerning Video Lottery Machines (chapter L-6, r. 3) and issued by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 9.
10. Any illegible, mutilated, altered, counterfeited, improperly cut or printed, incomplete, erroneously printed or otherwise defective redemption coupon is void, unless it is possible to determine, with the control number, that the coupon really gives right to payment of the sum which is printed on it. The holder of a voided coupon cannot receive a prize.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 10.
11. In case of discrepancy between the redemption coupon and the data relative to this coupon recorded by the control central computer of the Video Lottery System, the latter prevail.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 11.
12. A player cannot claim a prize following a wager if he has disrupted the normal operation of the video lottery machine and, when applicable, the amount he wagered is not refunded.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 12.
13. A wager made on a defective video lottery machine does not give right to any payment. However, if the defectiveness is not attributable to the player’s action, the amount of his wager is refunded.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 13.
14. The holder of a valid redemption coupon must claim payment within 24 hours of its issue at the licence holder who has the machine that issued the redemption coupon. The licence holder is relieved from any liability concerning the redemption coupon if the delay for presenting the claim was not respected. However, if the deadline expires on a day where the establishment is legally closed, the deadline is extended by 24 hours.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 14.
15. The payment of a redemption coupon can only be made in cash or by a cheque issued to the coupon holder’s name.
O.C. 1252-93, s. 15.
16. (Omitted).
O.C. 1252-93, s. 16.
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