P-12, r. 6.1 - Regulation respecting medications that a podiatrist may administer or prescribe

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Updated to 1 August 2023
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chapter P-12, r. 6.1
Regulation respecting medications that a podiatrist may administer or prescribe
Podiatry Act
(chapter P-12, s. 12).
1. A podiatrist who obtained a permit to practise on or after 1 January 1976 may, in the practice of the profession, administer or prescribe the medications listed in the Schedule.
Despite the foregoing, where a podiatrist referred to in the first paragraph obtained a permit to practise before 1 May 2020, the podiatrist must, to administer or prescribe medications, have completed the training of at least 12 hours recognized by the Ordre des podiatres du Québec on good practices in the administration and prescription of medications.
O.C. 172-2020, s. 1.
2. (Omitted).
O.C. 172-2020, s. 2.
(s. 1)
NOTE: The following classification refers to the classification prepared by the American Hospital Formulary Service.
1. Every medication belonging to the following classification, subject to the restrictions indicated:
Therapeutic classesTherapeutic subclassesTherapeutic sub‑subclassesRestrictions
AntihistaminesFirst generation antihistamines  
Second generation antihistamines  
Anti-infective agentsAnthelminthics  
Antibacterial agents  
Antimycobacterial agents  
Other anti-infective agents  
Antineoplastic agents   
Autonomic drugsSympathomimetic agentsAlpha and beta adrenergic agonists 
Squeletal muscle relaxantsCentrally acting muscle relaxants 
Central nervous system drugsAnalgesics and antipyreticsNon-steroid anti-inflammatories 
Opiate antagonistQuantity limited to 3 days
Various analgesics and antipyretics 
Narcotic antidotes  
Anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnoticsBenzodiazepinesQuantity limited to 4 doses
Various anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnoticsQuantity limited to 4 doses
Eye, ear, nose and throat (EENT) preparationsE.E.N.T. anti-infective agentsAntibiotics 
Gastrointestinal drugsAntiulcer agents and anticidsProstaglandinsFor the duration of the non-steroid anti-inflammatory therapy
Proton pump inhibitorFor the duration of the non-steroid anti-inflammatory therapy
Hormones and substitutesCorticosteroids  
Local anasthetics   
Skin and mucous membranesAnti-infective agentsAntibacterial agents 
Other local anti-infective agents 
Antipruritics and local anesthetics  
Protective agents – emollients – oils  
Keratolytic agents  
Keratoplastic agents  
Skin and mucous membranes, various  
Other medications Various others 
2. Any other medication intended for topical, injectable or oral administration that is not listed in Schedule I to the Regulation respecting the terms and conditions for the sale of medications (chapter P-10, r. 12).
3. Any combination of medications of this Schedule, subject to applicable restrictions.
4. Any product for an extemporaneous mixture and any vehicle, solvent or adjuvant.
O.C. 172-2020, Sch.
O.C. 172-2020, 2020 G.O. 2, 773