O-2.1, r. 4 - By-law on the exclusion of income from other sources

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Updated to 1 May 2024
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chapter O-2.1, r. 4
By-law on the exclusion of income from other sources
Act respecting the Cree Hunters Economic Security Board
(chapter O-2.1, s. 21).
1. The following income, salaries or subsidies are excluded, in accordance with paragraph 30.4.4 (v) of the Economic Security Program for Cree Hunters:
(1)  allowances or subsidies to reduce the cost of equipment or transportation of Cree hunters and trappers to or from their hunting territories;
(2)  grants or subsidies granted to Cree hunters and trappers for the purpose of establishing, building or upgrading trappers’ cabins and camps including the access routes thereto;
(3)  grants and subsidies provided to a Cree band, a Cree organization or Cree individuals to reduce the cost of domestic electricity supply or domestic heating for Cree users;
(4)  life insurance or accident insurance indemnities or any other sum received as compensation for accidental loss other than income replacement indemnities;
(5)  amounts received as foster families;
(6)  allowances paid by the Government for newborn or adopted children.
O.C. 1990-89, s. 1.
2. (Omitted).
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