A-20.03, r. 4 - Regulation respecting added-value claims

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Updated to 1 August 2022
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chapter A-20.03, r. 4
Regulation respecting added-value claims
Act respecting reserved designations and added-value claims
(chapter A-20.03, s. 59).
1. The purpose of this Regulation is to qualify for an added-value claim products, or their class, whose special characteristics, generally a method of production or preparation, that is sought by the consumer, were identified, and define the standards with which such products or products of such a class must comply in order to qualify for that claim.
M.O. 2021-11-29, s. 1.
M.O. 2021-11-29, Div. I.
2. The products that are certified as compliant with the “Norme pour le terme valorisant fromage fermier” standard, established by the Association des fromagers artisans du Québec and published by the Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants, including all subsequent amendments, if applicable, qualify for the “farmstead cheese” added-value claim.
Despite the foregoing, amendments published after 30 December 2021 only apply to the products as of the last day of the 6th month following the publication of such amendments.
M.O. 2021-11-29, s. 2.
3. (Omitted).
M.O. 2021-11-29, s. 3.
M.O. 2021-11-29, 2021 G.O. 2, 5071