M-35 - Farm Products Marketing Act

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109. The Board, by order, may provide:
(a)  that a marketed product and its container may be seized and detained by any person authorized by the Board to conduct an inspection or inquiry who has reasonable grounds for believing that an offence has been committed, in respect of such product, against this act, a joint plan, the by-laws, an agreement made between a producers’ board and a person engaged in the marketing of a marketed product, an order of the Board or an arbitration decision;
(b)  that a product so seized must be released to its owner as soon as the provisions contemplated in subparagraph a are complied with to the satisfaction of the Board;
(c)  that any person, including the Board, in possession of a product or container so seized is empowered to dispose of it, administer the moneys derived therefrom and dispose of such moneys; and
(d)  the procedure which must be followed to make a seizure, detain the seized product or container, release it or dispose of it.
Every product and its container seized under this section, is seized and detained at the risk and expense of its owner.
1974, c. 36, s. 109.