C-38 - Companies Act

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70. The directors may, if they see fit, instead of declaring forfeited any share or shares, enforce payment of all calls, and interest thereon, by action in any court of competent jurisdiction; and in such action it shall not be necessary to set forth the special matter, but it shall be sufficient to declare that the defendant is a holder of one share or more, stating the number of shares, and is indebted in the sum of money to which the calls in arrears amount, in respect of one call or more, upon one share or more, stating the number of calls and the amount of each call, whereby an action has accrued to the company under this Part.
A certificate under the seal of the company, and purporting to be signed by any of its officers, to the effect that the defendant is a shareholder, that such calls have been made, and that so much is due by him thereon, shall be received in all courts as evidence to that effect.
R. S. 1964, c. 271, s. 67.