C-38 - Companies Act

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161. If after such demand or notice as is prescribed by the charter, or by resolution of the directors, or by the by-laws of the company, any call made upon any share is not paid within such time as, by such charter or by resolution of the directors or by the by-laws, is limited in that behalf, the directors, in their discretion, by vote to that effect duly recorded in their minutes, may summarily declare forfeited any shares whereon such payment has not been made, and the same shall thereupon become the property of the company and may be disposed of as, by the by-laws of the company or otherwise, they prescribe; but, notwithstanding such forfeiture, the holder of such shares at the time of forfeiture shall continue liable to the then creditors of the company for the full amount unpaid on such shares at the time of forfeiture, less any sums which are subsequently received by the company in respect thereof.
R. S. 1964, c. 271, s. 157.