C-38 - Companies Act

Full text
123.13. The articles may set out any other provision permitted by law to be set out in the by-laws, in addition to the provisions permitted by this Act to be set out.
1979, c. 31, s. 27; 1980, c. 28, s. 14.
123.130. Subsidiaries all of whose shares are held by the same corporation may, if their shares are without par value, amalgamate without conforming to Division II if their board of directors adopts a resolution providing that
(1)  the shares of the subsidiaries, except those of one of them, will be cancelled, without reimbursement of the capital represented by these shares;
(2)  the articles of amalgamation will be identical to the deed of incorporation of the subsidiary whose shares are not cancelled, taking account, however, of this Part and the regulations of the Government;
(3)  the issued and paid-up share capital account of the amalgamated subsidiaries will be added, to the extent that the subsidiaries determine, to the account of the subsidiary whose shares are not cancelled.
1980, c. 28, s. 14.
123.13. At the organization meeting, the directors may
(1)  make general by-laws;
(2)  appoint officers;
(3)  adopt all measures respecting the banking arrangements of the company; and
(4)  transact any other business.
1979, c. 31, s. 27.