V-6.1 - Act respecting Northern villages and the Kativik Regional Government

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302.2. The council may, by ordinance or by-law, delegate to the secretary the power to award and make, in the name of the Regional Government, any contract for the carrying out of a project ordered by the council and for which sufficient funds are available.
The rules for the awarding of contracts by the Regional Government, adapted as required, apply to any contract awarded under this section. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in any case where the Minister’s authorization is required for the awarding of a contract to any other person than the person who made the lowest tender, only the council may apply to the Minister for the authorization.
Where the secretary awards a contract under this section, he shall transmit a report thereof to the council at the first regular meeting held after the expiry of five days from the awarding of the contract.
1987, c. 91, s. 34.