V-6.1 - Act respecting Northern villages and the Kativik Regional Government

Full text
261.1. (Repealed).
1996, c. 77, s. 64; 2004, c. 20, s. 209.
261.1. Every member of the council shall receive, in addition to the remuneration provided for in section 259 and the remuneration provided for in section 261 or 281, if any, an indemnity equal to one-half of the amount of the remuneration or one-half of the combined amount of remuneration, as the case may be, up to the amount obtained by subtracting the amount in subparagraph 2 from the amount in subparagraph 1, if the result is positive:
(1)  the maximum amount provided for in section 22 of the Act respecting the remuneration of elected municipal officers (chapter T-11.001);
(2)  the amount of the indemnity that the member of the council receives pursuant to section 40 of this Act.
If the subtraction under the first paragraph results in a difference of zero, the member shall receive no indemnity under this section.
The indemnity shall be paid to defray the part of the expenses incident to the discharge of the member’s duties and that are not reimbursed pursuant to subsection 1 of section 260 or the third paragraph of section 281.
1996, c. 77, s. 64.