T-8.1 - Act respecting the lands in the domain of the State

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28. The registrar must send the Surveyor-General the information required to register the deeds of acquisition or alienation of lands or immovable rights by the State that are published in the land register, as well as any other deed concerning the State identified in a list drawn up jointly with the Surveyor-General.
1987, c. 23, s. 28; 1995, c. 20, s. 15; 2006, c. 40, s. 3.
28. (Repealed).
1987, c. 23, s. 28; 1995, c. 20, s. 15.
28. Any interested person may register a deed establishing a real right granted to him in land, as well as a deed effecting a cancellation in respect of a right so granted.
To be registered, a deed referred to in the first paragraph may be in notarial form en minute or in private writing attested by two witnesses over their signature and sworn by one of them.
1987, c. 23, s. 28.