T-16 - Courts of Justice Act

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88.1. (Repealed).
1998, c. 30, s. 36; 2002, c. 21, s. 36.
88.1. A municipal judge to whom the Act respecting municipal courts (chapter C-72.01) applies who has held office as chief judge of the municipal courts for seven years may, following the publication of a notice of vacancy on the Court of Québec or on the municipal court of Laval, Montréal or Québec, apply for the position. Where that is the case, the judge is deemed to be qualified for appointment as a judge of any such court. The qualification shall be effective until the judge concerned is appointed to any such court.
The Government shall consider any application submitted by that judge for any vacant position on any court, provided that, following the publication of a notice of vacancy, the judge shows an interest for the position within the time provided in the notice.
1998, c. 30, s. 36.