T-16 - Courts of Justice Act

Full text
84.1. (Replaced).
1978, c. 19, s. 6; 1988, c. 21, s. 30.
84.10. A chief judge, a senior chief judge, an associate chief judge or a coordinating chief judge remains in office notwithstanding the expiry of his term until he is replaced.
He remains a judge of the sessions when he ceases to hold the office he has filled; if no office of judge is then vacant, the Court of the Sessions is deemed composed, until a vacancy occurs, of the number of judges provided for by section 79 and of an additional office of judge.
1978, c. 19, s. 6.
84.1. The senior associate chief judge, under the authority of the chief judge, exercises the latter’s powers.
1978, c. 19, s. 6.