T-16 - Courts of Justice Act

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36. Any judge may continue and complete any matter commenced or continued by another, but shall not reverse any decision of such other judge, unless the decision be such that he might reverse it if it were his own.
The Chief Justice, the Senior Associate Chief Justice or, as the case may be, the Associate Chief Justice may order that a matter under advisement for more than six months be replaced on the roll to be completed by another judge.
Likewise, the chief justice of the Superior Court, the Senior Associate Chief Justice or the associate chief justice, as the case may be, may and has always had the power to sign a judgment rendered by a judge since deceased, provided that he be satisfied that the text of the judgment presented to him to be signed is in conformity with the judgment which has been rendered.
R. S. 1964, c. 20, s. 33; 1973, c. 13, s. 8.