T-15.1 - Act to establish the Administrative Labour Tribunal

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50. An application for review or revocation is brought by a motion filed with the Tribunal within a reasonable time after the decision concerned or after the discovery of a new fact that could warrant a different decision. The motion must specify the decision concerned and state the grounds in support of the motion. It must also contain any other information required by the rules of evidence and procedure.
Subject to section 17, the party filing the motion must send a copy of the motion to the other parties, who may respond to it in writing within 30 days after receiving it or, if the decision was rendered under Chapter V.1 of the Labour Code (chapter C-27), within the time limit specified by the president of the Tribunal.
The Tribunal proceeds on the record unless a party asks to be heard or the Tribunal, on its own initiative, considers it appropriate to hear the parties.
2015, c. 15, s. 50.