T-11.001 - Act respecting the remuneration of elected municipal officers

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31.5.3. In the case of the urban agglomeration of Montréal, the part of the central municipality’s budget under the responsibility of the urban agglomeration council must include an appropriation to provide for payment of sums to the members of that council, except the mayor of the central municipality, as reimbursement for research and support expenses that comply with the regulation made under section 31.5.1.
The appropriation must be equal to or greater than 1/60 of 1% of the total of all other appropriations provided for in that part of the budget.
The amount of the sums referred to in the first paragraph is established by dividing the appropriation equally among all the members of the urban agglomeration council, except the mayor of the central municipality.
The sums established under section 31.5.2 for a councillor of the regular council of the central municipality who is a member of the urban agglomeration council must be reduced by the sums established for the member under this section, and the budget of the central municipality must be adjusted to reflect that reduction.
2016, c. 172016, c. 17, s. 130.