T-11.001 - Act respecting the remuneration of elected municipal officers

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27. The council of the municipality may, by by-law, establish a tariff applicable where expenses chargeable to the municipality are entailed by particular classes of acts performed in Québec for a purpose other than travel outside Québec, and prescribe what vouchers must be presented to prove that such an act was performed.
If such a by-law is in force, the prior authorization under section 25 in respect of an act covered by the tariff is limited to the authorization to perform the act, without reference to the maximum amount of expenses allowed.
Notwithstanding section 26, a member of the council who, as part of his duties, has performed an act covered by the tariff in force may, on presentation of a statement accompanied with the vouchers prescribed in the by-law, receive from the municipality the amount prescribed in the tariff for that act.
1988, c. 30, s. 27.