S-30.01 - Act respecting public transit authorities

Full text
189. (Repealed).
2001, c. 23, s. 189; 2001, c. 66, s. 51.
189. The Société de transport du Saguenay shall establish, by a by-law approved by two of the municipalities referred to in subparagraph 8 of the first paragraph of section 1, the methodology and terms to apply to the apportionment of its deficit, the determination of the municipal aliquot shares and the payments to be made.
The by-law may, in particular, prescribe the period retained for the purpose of considering the number of the kilometres travelled and service time as well as
(1)  the date on which provisional or final data is to be considered ;
(2)  the time limit for determining the aliquot shares and informing the municipalities of them ;
(3)  the option, for a municipality, to pay its aliquot share in a single payment or in instalments ;
(4)  the time limits for payment ;
(5)  the rate of interest applicable to overdue payments, which may vary and be fixed, by resolution of the Société, only on the date of adoption of its budget ;
(6)  the adjustments that may result from the deferred coming into force of all or part of the budget of the Société or from the successive use of provisional and final data in determining the apportionment.
2001, c. 23, s. 189.