S-25 - Agricultural Societies Act

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4. The Government may divide any county in Québec into two or three parts, designated by the letters A, B or C, as the case may be, or may re-unite into one any county so divided into two or three parts.
Thereafter, each part of the counties so divided shall enjoy all the rights and privileges granted to the other counties of Québec for agricultural purposes; but the grant to the society in each division of the said counties, or to the societies of the said divisions, if more than one society be organized therein, shall not exceed, in any one year, the sum of $500.
In case of such partition, the second agricultural society organized in each division shall be known under the name of “Agricultural Society No. 2, division A (B or C, as the case may be), of the county of ”.
R. S. 1964, c. 112, s. 4.