R-15.1 - Supplemental Pension Plans Act

Full text (Repealed).
2010, c. 41, s. 4; 2015, c. 29, s. 60. The Régie may, before the expiry of the time limit set under the first paragraph of section, extend its administration with respect to the pensions it pays to the members and beneficiaries referred to in section if it considers that circumstances justify it, in particular if the volume of the pensions that must be guaranteed by an insurer cannot be absorbed by the market.
However, the administration by the Régie, after having been extended one or more times, may not be extended beyond the end of the 10th fiscal year of the pension plan that follows the fiscal year during which the Régie began exercising the powers of the pension committee with respect to those members and beneficiaries.
When it extends its administration, the Régie must inform the members and beneficiaries as well as the Government.
2010, c. 41, s. 4.