R-15.1 - Supplemental Pension Plans Act

Full text In the case of a target benefit pension plan, Retraite Québec shall not authorize a division unless the value of the assets to be transferred is equal to the market value of the assets which, assuming that the plan is terminated on the effective date of the division, are allocated to the group of benefits to which the members and beneficiaries affected by the division are entitled.
The value of the assets to be transferred that is referred to in the first paragraph is established taking into account sections 220 and 222 to 224 as if they were applicable to target benefit pension plans, as well as section 146.89 and the first paragraph of section 212.1.
For establishing the assets to be allocated to the group affected by the division, section 218 applies taking into account the rules set out in paragraph 1 of section 146.96 and in section 146.98.
The third paragraph of section 195 applies for the purpose of establishing the value of the assets to be transferred.
Furthermore, Retraite Québec may not authorize such a division unless the plan into which a portion of the assets to be divided is to be transferred includes provisions which, in respect of the conditions and procedure for appropriating surplus assets, the recovery measures in the event of insufficient contributions and the conditions and procedure for restoring benefits, are identical to the provisions of the plan from which such assets are to be transferred.
2020, c. 302020, c. 30, s. 67.