R-13.1 - Act respecting the land regime in the James Bay and New Québec territories

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2. Cree landholding corporations are incorporated under the names of Corporation foncière de Mistassini, Corporation foncière de Waswanipi, Corporation foncière de Némiscau, Corporation foncière de Fort-Rupert, Corporation foncière de Eastmain, Corporation foncière de Nouveau-Comptoir (Wemindji), Corporation foncière de Chisasibi and Corporation foncière de Poste-de-la Baleine.
These corporations may also be designated by the names, in Cree, of Mistassini Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch, Waswanipi Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch, Nemiscau Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch, Waskagheganish Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch, Easman Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch, Wemindji Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch, Chisasibi Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch, Whapmagoostoo Ahschee Ahtabewowseenanooch and, in English of Mistassini Landholding Corporation, Waswanipi Landholding Corporation, Nemaska Landholding Corporation, Rupert House Landholding Corporation, Eastmain Landholding Corporation, Paint Hills (Wemindji) Landholding Corporation, Chisasibi Landholding Corporation and Great Whale River Landholding Corporation.
1978, c. 93, s. 2.