R-13.1 - Act respecting the land regime in the James Bay and New Québec territories

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191.64. To obtain the permit mentioned in section 191.62, the lands contemplated in the application for a permit shall be in the shape of a square or a rectangle, the sides of which shall not exceed 400 metres, and shall be marked out on the ground by the Naskapi beneficiary in the following manner:
(a)  by planting a stake at the apex of each angle of the lot of land and indicating thereon the number of the permit;
(b)  the length of the stakes above ground must be approximately one metre and 25 centimetres and their diameter at least 9 centimetres; they must be squared on all four sides for a length of at least 25 centimetres starting from the head; stumps or trees of the required dimension may be used in place of stakes;
(c)  in territory where there is no wood from which stakes conformable to the requirements of paragraph b can be made, the apices of the angles may be marked by a pile of stones and earth at least one metre in diameter and 50 centimetres high supporting a stake of a smaller diameter;
(d)  the lines between the stakes shall be marked out or indicated on the ground in such a way that they may be followed from one stake to the next.
1979, c. 25, s. 50.