R-13.1 - Act respecting the land regime in the James Bay and New Québec territories

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191.57. The modification or regularization of rivers provided for in section 191.56 is, however, in Category I-N lands, subject to the following rules:
(a)  the flow regime shall not be modified in such a way as to raise the water level of a river above the highest previously recorded water level of this river;
(b)  for the purposes of establishing or maintaining in Category I-N lands the services listed in section 191.19 which are of direct benefit as provided for in section 191.25, the water level of rivers may be raised above the highest recorded level;
(c)  if shore facilities or other installations or rights connected therewith are affected by the change of water level, the Government and the bodies mentioned in section 191.56 are liable for damages to such facilities, installations or rights connected therewith.
1979, c. 25, s. 50.