P-32 - Public Protector Act

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20. Every person who applies for the intervention of the Public Protector shall
(1)  give his name, address and telephone number, and the name, address, telephone number and social insurance number of each person whose interests are concerned by the application;
(2)  state the facts justifying the application;
(3)  provide the Public Protector with any other information or document which the Public Protector considers necessary for a clear understanding of the facts.
Where he considers it necessary, the Public Protector may require that the application for intervention be made in writing.
1968, c. 11, s. 20; 1987, c. 46, s. 6.
20. Every person who applies to the Public Protector to make an investigation must do so in writing, indicating his surname, given names, address and occupation, and state the facts giving rise to his application.
1968, c. 11, s. 20.