O-7.3 - Act to modify mainly the organization and governance of shared transportation in the Montréal metropolitan area

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131. The rules set out in a regulation made under section 214.0.2 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C‑24.2), enacted by section 52, do not apply to a low-speed vehicle of which the driver was registered in the Pilot Project concerning low-speed vehicles (chapter C-24.2, r. 39.2) that ended on 17 July 2013, and which is registered as a passenger vehicle with limited area of operation and has a licence plate bearing the prefix “C” in accordance with the Regulation respecting road vehicle registration (chapter C-24.2, r. 29). Despite section 130, the rules set out in sections 13 to 16 of the Ministerial Order concerning access to public roads for low-speed vehicles (chapter C-24.2, r. 0.2.1) continue to apply to such vehicles.
2016, c. 82016, c. 8, s. 131.