M- - Act respecting the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie

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79. The advisory committee is composed of 16 members, including a chair, appointed by the Government after consultation with groups representing students, the staff of educational institutions and socio-economic circles. The appointments are made on the recommendation of the Minister after consulting with the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports.
The members so appointed must be as follows:
(1)  one member is to be a student at the secondary level, in vocational education;
(2)  two members are to be students at the college level, one in a technical studies program and the other in a pre-university studies program;
(3)  four members are to be university students, one at the undergraduate level, one at the Master’s level, one at the doctoral level and one in a continuing education program;
(4)  one member is to be a teacher;
(5)  five members are to be persons assigned to administrative functions, two in a general and vocational college and the other three in an educational institution at the university level; and
(6)  three members are to be persons representing socio-economic groups.
2013, c. 28, s. 79.