M-13 - Mining Act

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139. An exploration licence gives the licensee the right to carry out, in the territory covered by it and, with the permission of the Minister, in any other neighbouring territory, exploration work for petroleum and natural gas, but not the right to extract the same and dispose thereof, except during a trial period of not more than thirty days.
Nevertheless the licensee shall not drill a well or test hole without having obtained in each case a licence issued for such purpose by the Minister; the conditions on which such licence shall be issued shall be determined by regulation.
When the neighbouring territory is already covered by an exploration licence, the holder must, to obtain the permission of the Minister, establish that the proposed exploration work is necessary for a better knowledge of his territory.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 34, s. 138; 1968, c. 36, s. 8; 1970, c. 27, s. 28.