M-13.1 - Mining Act

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42.1. Every claim obtained by map designation or by conversion of a mining right into a map designated claim pursuant to subdivision 5 of this division must cover the entire area of a parcel of land determined by the Minister and shown on the maps kept at the office of the registrar or, where applicable, only the area of the parcel of land that is open to map designation in accordance with this Act.
However, where a map designated claim has been obtained by the conversion of a mining right, the claim holder may, within 60 days from the date of issue of the certificate of registration of the claim, refuse the inclusion of any part of the parcel of land subject to the claim that exceeds the area subject to the converted mining right if the inclusion of the excess portion would impose new requirements on the claim holder by reason of the application of section 231.
1998, c. 24, s. 20.