L-7 - Act to combat poverty and social exclusion

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8. Preventive action must be aimed at, in particular,
(1)  recognizing the family as the basic unit of personal and social development and, while respecting the role of parents, supporting families with dependent children that are at risk of long-term poverty through early and integrated intervention aimed at giving the families access to a range of services and programs adapted to their needs and to those of their children;
(2)  promoting school success and facilitating school and social integration of young persons, particularly the disadvantaged;
(3)  improving basic education and access to continuing education to enable adults to complete and update their occupational qualifications, facilitating recognition of their experience and promoting access to information and communication technologies;
(4)  supporting volunteer and community actions that contribute to the social inclusion of persons living in poverty;
(5)  recognizing the contribution of the elderly to society and supporting those living in poverty to provide them with access to a variety of services and programs adapted to their needs; and
(6)  promoting, for persons living in poverty, access to culture, recreation and sports.
2002, c. 61, s. 8.
The government mandate the Minister Responsible for Seniors and Informal Caregivers to cooperate with the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social solidarity for the development and implementation of any action related to seniors. Order in Council 1322-2018 dated 31 October 2018, (2018) 150 G.O. 2 (French), 7427.